Innovation Magazine | May-June 2019

The 20-metre diameter glass rotunda roof at the six-storey 1515 Douglas office development across from City Hall in Victoria provided an opportunity to develop a unique structural and architectural solution. RJC Engineers worked with D’Ambrosio Architecture + Urbanism to develop options and build three scale models.

Sustainable Architecture & Building Magazine | June 2019

An innovative approach to high density urban living that takes advantage of Vancouver's relatively mild climate to incorporate a courtyard typology to optimize the use of available site area.

Sustainable Architecture & Building Magazine | June 2019

Okanagan College Trades Renewal and Expansion Project in Kelowna, BC wins the Institutional [Large] Award form the Canadian Green Building Awards. The project comprises two distinct but integrated components: the renovation of existing trades’ workshops and the construction of a 60,000 sq.ft. addition.

Award Magazine | June 2019

Mayfair is one of Vancouver Island’s largest regional shopping centres with a gross leasable area of 454,000 square feet – a figure that would increase by 100,000 square feet with the expansion.

Award Magazine | June 2019
Leslie Peer, PhD (Eng), P.Eng., FEC, RRC, LEED® AP O+M | Principal

Today’s high-performance buildings are a direct result of well-implemented sustainable design strategies. While cost is always a consideration for owners and developers, there is an understanding that sometimes spending more upfront can not only provide savings over time, but also positively impact air quality, well-being, and lead to a regenerative future.

Construction Canada | June 2019
Tim Van Zwol, MSc, P.Eng. | Regional Manager; Associate

Cracking within existing concrete masonry unit (CMU) wall construction is common, and repairs will depend on the existing assembly, function, and condition of the mortar joints and CMU's. However, when wall cracks were observed within that stairwells of an Ontario courthouse, a building condition assessment by RJC Engineers (RJC), led to a seismic retrofit and construction of a new lateral force-resisting system.

INDUSTRY INSIGHTS, Canadian Property Management | June 2019
Chris Febbraro, BAT | BIM Leader, Visual Design Specialist

Visualization technology has given designers the ability to produce higher quality renderings far more quickly,” says Chris Febbraro, BIM Leader at RJC Engineers. “When changes occur to a project, they can be communicated faster and with more accuracy, making it more representative of an ever‐evolving design.

INDUSTRY INSIGHTS, Canadian Property Management | May 2019
Bob Korneluk, BSc, P.Eng. | Associate

When it comes to catastrophes, Bob Korneluk, Associate with RJC Engineers, has seen the gamut. Generally, the purpose of a forensic engineering investigation is to determine the root cause of a building failure and how it may be addressed, with the intent of improving the performance of the building.

Canadian Apartment Magazine | May 2019
James Cooper, P.Eng., LEED® AP O+M | Associate

Leaking water in elevator pits is a common problem in all buildings, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly—not when the smallest drip can develop into something serious. Hefty repair costs aside, removing an essential service like an elevator in a multi-residential building comes with its own set of unwanted challenges.

Canadian Facility Management & Design, Part of the REMI network | April 2019
Duncan Rowe, BASc, MEng, P.Eng., LEED® AP BD+C | Associate/ Sustainable Design Specialist

Canada’s aggressive environmental commitments are spurring the building industry to new heights when it comes to increasing energy performance. That said, older properties, which make up a significant portion of our cities’ diverse building stock, present the greatest challenges and opportunities for owners.