Innovation Magazine | May-June 2020
RJC Engineers

Adjacent to Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver’s South Flatz neighbourhood, this artistic lotus flower-shaped retail pavilion provided an interesting structural design opportunity. Facilitated by digital modelling through Spearhead Inc., a unique yet simple hybrid timber-steel structure was developed to support this complex lotus shape.

INDUSTRY INSIGHTS, Condo Business | June 2020
Jordan Swail, BESc, P.Eng., BSS | Project Engineer

Resilience and innovation have always been central to the building industry. However, due to the increased restrictions and challenges associated with COVID‐19, the additional processes and measures required to address worksite safety have hurled the sector into unprecedented territory.

New Home + Condo Guide | April 3 - May 1, 2020
Ryan Coles, BSc, P.Eng. | Associate

This month, our quest for expert commentary on what’s happening in the local market takes us to the Southern Alberta chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) and its current president, Ryan Coles.

Industry Insights, Canadian Property Management | April 2020
Mohammad Fakoor, PhD, CEA, P.Eng. | Senior Building Performance Engineer

Building Energy Modelling (BEM) is a versatile, multipurpose tool used in both new construction and existing buildings. Now mandatory for all new builds in many jurisdictions throughout Canada, energy modelling can help inform decision‐ making at the design‐stage; show code compliance; achieve green building certification; and guide policy and code development as the world collectively seeks out new ways to reduce its carbon footprint.

INDUSTRY INSIGHTS, Canadian Property Management | February 2020
Mark Ritchie, BSc, MSc, P.Eng. | Principal

When it comes to visual appeal in the built environment, mass timber is in a league of its own. A renewable building material with low embodied energy, wood is durable, versatile, and can add significantly to the value of a building over the long‐term.

Award Magazine | February 2020

It has been well documented that in order for Canada to reduce its carbon footprint, the existing building stock needs to be brought into an energy-efficient future . . .

Award Magazine | February 2020

The new five-storey Centre for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CITE) at Seneca College’s Newnham Campus has not only changed the face of Finch Avenue East in Toronto, but is a clear demonstration of the College’s ongoing commitment to innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.

INDUSTRY INSIGHTS, Canadian Property Management | January 2020
Andrea Mucciarone, BA, MBSc, BSS | Project Engineer

As most property owners will tell you, small problems become big ones when they’re left unchecked for too long. This statement couldn’t be truer than it is with the building façade, the outer shell that separates life on the inside from the dramatic range of elements on the outside.

INDUSTRY INSIGHTS, Canadian Property Management | November/December 2019
Daryl Prefontaine, BSc, MEng, P.Eng. | Principal

A steel forest encircling the roof of the Edmonton City Centre East (ECCE) parking garage and a central column of cables spiraling upward in an intricate pattern are features that serve to add interest and beautify an otherwise average parking structure. 

Pushing the Envelope Canada - A publication of the Ontario Building Envelope Council | Fall 2019
Jelena Bojanic, BSc, P.Eng. | Project Engineer

The former Eurasian Gateway & Elephant Crossing at the Calgary Zoo has been re-used and re-adapted multiple times since 1963 to house animals, including elephants, giraffes, and the more recent rhinos and Komodo dragons.