Award Magazine | October 2020

St. Edmund School in Edmonton, Alberta has been given a new lease on life following a $14.9-million modernization that has taken this 1954-year-old building and transformed it into a state-of-the-art school that students and staff can be proud of.

Canadian Property Management | September 2020
Lorena Polovina, BASc, EIT | Design Engineer

As climate change becomes a growing concern for cities around the world, opportunities for reducing carbon emissions have been widely embraced by the building sector. From office towers to condominiums, today’s structures are equipped with energy efficient systems designed to improve building performance and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Architectural Record Magazine | September 2020

In a commercial market, you don’t usually think a developer of a spec office building will value design quality over the most expedient solution. But it can happen. In thecase of a 10-story high-rise in Edmonton, Alberta, Gene Dub, principal of Dub Architects, owns thedevelopment company—Five Oaks—that constructed it in accord with his firm’s design.

Construction Canada | September 2020

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the American Library Association (ALA) are awarding four libraries with the 2020 AIA/ALA Library Building Awards for excellence in architectural design.

Canadian Consulting Engineer | September 2020

Several consulting engineering firms contributed to the redevelopment of Loblaw’s historic West Block building in downtown Toronto, which has now officially reopened.

Daily Commercial News by ConstructConnect | September 2020
Nathan Bissell, BEng, P.Eng. | Project Engineer

National and provincial building codes do not include clauses dealing withorangutan climbing poles which highlights one of the many design andplanning complexities of a new $9.9 million orangutan exhibit at the Toronto Zoo.

ADVANTAGE STEEL | September 2020

HEAD DOWN THE Gardiner Expressway in Toronto and you can’t miss the towering structure next to Scotiabank Arena: CIBC SQUARE.It’s the most advanced tower ever constructed in Canada and likely all of North America.

Canadian Healthcare Facilities | Summer 2020
Jennifer Watson, MBA, P.Eng. | Associate

With COVID-19 now impacting every aspect of our healthcare systems, hospitals around the world are radically changing to meet the demands of future pandemics. From how to manage the sudden swell of patients arriving due to seasonally recurring viruses to which materials and cleaning processes work best to mitigate the spread of disease, everything from floor tiles to waiting rooms are being re-evaluated.

Canadian Property Management | July 2020
Terry Bergen, CTech, CCCA, LEED® AP | Managing Principal

The benefits of investing in deep energy retrofits have been touted by building experts for years. Yet still, here we are heading into the second half of 2020 and not everyone has been quick on the uptake. Adding to the slowdown, Canada is in the midst of emerging from a deadly health crisis—the economic consequences of which will be felt for years to come.

Award Magazine | July 2020

Excitement for opening day at the Soraya Hafez School in Edmonton, Alberta, has everyone involved counting down the days. Completed months ahead of schedule and under budget, the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) team is more than proud of their accomplishment.