Wood WORKS!, Low-Rise Commercial Buildings | Fall 2018
Dan Prentice, BSc, MASc, P.Eng. | Project Engineer

This project involved the adaptive reuse of the historic Simmons Factory Warehouse building to accommodate a new restaurant occupancy. The factory was built in 1912 as a two-story brick and heavy timber structure situated on the bank of the Bow River in Calgary’s East Village.

INDUSTRY INSIGHTS, Canadian Apartment | November 2018
James Cooper, P.Eng., LEED® AP O+M | Associate

When water damage is left unchecked, even the smallest drip can become a major headache. This is especially true for leakage in elevator pits, where damage caused by water can add up to significant safety risks and expensive repairs.

INDUSTRY INSIGHTS, Canadian Facility Management | October 2018
Michael Blackman, BASc, P.Eng., LEED® AP, FEC | Regional Manager; Associate

No two retrofits are ever the same. This is particularly true in healthcare where patient comfort, staff schedules, health and safety standards, and critical equipment needs demand a tailored approach to every project. “It’s a living environment,” says Michael Blackman, Regional Manager with RJC Engineers in Kelowna, BC. “Whether you’re going in to conduct renovations or a replacement of essential medical equipment, you have to do so with...

Award Magazine | October 2018

High density libraries, a concept that originated in institutes of higher learning in Eastern U.S., are just that: huge, environmentally-controlled storage facilities for rare or less frequently used books, contained neatly in cases so tall they require forklifts for upper level access. The University of Calgary opened its High Density Library (HDL) on the Spy Hill Campus in 2010, to protect less used materials so that the University would have space...

Award Magazine | October 2018

Purely from a visual perspective, Amica at the Gorge is a beautiful new addition to Saanich’s portfolio of buildings, a sprawling, bright complex with stately bay windows and dormers that reflect traditional architecture of the surrounding Gorge Tillicum community, and graced by an elegant porte cochere plus the addition of a restored historic general store on one end. But more important than its appearance is its function. Amica at the Gorge is a prime example of a progressive approach to seniors living.

Award Magazine | October 2018

With the 20-year lease coming to its end in 2015, and $15.5-million funding from the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Public Library Foundation, VPL decided it was time to create a 59,000-square-foot indoor and outdoor expansion of the library on the two top floors, and bring a rooftop garden vision to life that the public could access

Award Magazine | October 2018
Leonard Pianalto, BASc, MSc (Civil), P.Eng., LEED® AP, FEC | Associate

Curtain wall and window wall experts embrace challenging new designs and standards. In the ever-changing landscape of construction, the window wall and curtain wall sector are not immune to the effects of continually changing regulations, designs, and shortage of skilled workers.

Award Magazine | October 2018

Efficient delivery of design and construction was vital to the Trafalgar Park project, which would include renovations and an addition to the Oakville Arena, a new Fire Hall, and all associated site works. After seeking extensive public input, the IPD team of the Town of Oakville, the architects, and Graham Construction developed a revitalization plan that would convert the arena into a 63,000-square-foot facility with a new steel framed addition and restoration of the existing Hipel truss system.

INDUSTRY INSIGHTS, Canadian Property Management | September 2018
Bob Korneluk, BSc, P.Eng. | Associate

How well do you know your air vapour barrier? It’s an odd question (especially with everything else on a property manager/owner’s plate) and yet considerations for your building’s air vapour barrier performance today can prevent significant headaches down the road.

Western Exteriors | Summer 2018
Nick Trovato, BSc, MEng, P.Eng., FEC, FGC(Hon) | Managing Principal

It is the calm before the storm for Alberta builders. In spite of some significant construction in and around Edmonton’s ICE District, the last year has generally been regarded as slower for business than in years past. But with oil trending upwards and the number of announced construction projects currently in the design phase...