iHouse Demonstration Project

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Displayed on the Concord Pacific site during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, the iHouse Demonstration project was envisioned as a creative alternative in housing.

Motivated to provide a new way of thinking in the way we live, the architect designed a house that was efficiently compact, able to be mass produced, modular and sustainable.

The house is constructed with thick walls of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), a layered wood product that is touted for its strength and fire resistant properties.

The CLT for this house is solid wood panels made from blue-stained beetle-killed wood.

The unit measures 220 sq. ft. and includes all the conveniences expected within a typical residence.

Resembling wood stacking blocks, the objective of the iHouse is for it to be used as either a single home or combined to make apartment buildings.

Project Specifications

Vancouver, BC

Building Structure Type
Residential / Low-Rise / Sculptures/Art Features

Concord Pacific

Micheal Katz Architecture

Ledcor Construction

Service Areas

Practice Areas

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