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Encompassing an entire downtown city block, Keynote was one of Calgary's first mixed-use 'urban villages' - creating an inviting space where people can live, work and play.

With a mix of residential, office and retail space, Keynote features two high-end residential towers, up to 34-storeys high, with a third 14-storey office tower and low-rise podium for commercial space and townhouses.

A landscaped garden over part of the retail area links two of the towers and a +15 bridge connects to the third tower over an interior lane.

There are also two five-storey below grade parkades (797 stalls), separating public and private parking.

The foundations, parkade and superstructure are constructed of reinforced concrete with shear walls on the towers with angled rooflines, clad with a mixture of brick, stone and glass.The office tower features four meter cantilevers to provide occupants with a continuous, uninterrupted perimeter office view.

The unique shape of the towers and their orientation on the site provides a pedestrian friendly plaza diagonally across, which also allows a visual connection from the Calgary Tower to Stampede Park.

Project Specifications

Calgary, AB

Building Structure Type
Residential / Office / Retail or Shopping Centre / Parking Facility - Below Grade / Mixed-Use / Residential - Condominium/Strata / Retail - Ground Floor Retail

Keynote Development Corporation

Gibbs Gage Architects

PCL Construction Management

Service Areas

Practice Areas

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