Morden Colliery Historic Provincial Park

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RJC Kelowna (with assistance from Victoria) is providing structural and construction engineering, as well as and contract administration services for the concrete repair of the Morden Mine headframe and mine tipple at Morden Colliery Historic Provincial Park.

Originally constructed circa 1913, the structures were recognized as historically significant in 1972 by the establishment of the provincial park and in 2012 with listing on the Canadian Register of Historic Places.

In 2014, RJC was engaged by Friends of Morden Mine and undertook a preliminary evaluation report that documented the prevalent deterioration of the structural elements.

We are thrilled to see the structural restoration program of this important cultural icon nearly complete.

The project has had many unique aspects and challenges, including the use of shipping containers to stabilize the structures prior to restoration, detailed cement chemistry analysis of existing concrete, development of modern mixes using local materials to match existing, mock-ups of formwork methods to match existing board-formed finish, and extensive heavy shoring given the significant deterioration present and large clear spans between members in the headframe.

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Nanaimo, BC

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