Babbuza Dreamfactory

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Rooted deep into the ground of the Nantou County mountainside in Taiwan, the Shuter Bubbuza Dreamfactory is a one of a kind demonstration facility designed to be integrated within the community while contributing to the social atmosphere.

Inspired by the banyan tree; a centuries old symbol of shelter and strength in Taiwan; the 30.8-meter tall spruce structure named the Tree of Life welcomes the community in the center of the building.

The beautiful Tree of Life serves as a central circling element that connects the administration quarters, manufacturing floors, underground parkade and other ingress and egress access points.

The trunk of the tree is made of 16 glulam members that begin as straight pieces of wood and gradually grow into curve glulams.

More than 450 cub-meters of engineers wood was applied in order to create this contemporary and aesthetic structure as a spiritual and powerful tree that covers 1,700 sq. m.of tree area for people to get close to.

For this project, RJC Engineers was engaged by WoodTek as the Specialty Timber Structure Engineer.

Project Specifications

Nantou, Taiwan

Williamson Architects

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