A new net-zero carbon standard in zero-carbon buildings

Defining net-zero

According to the University of Oxford, net-zero refers to “a state in which the greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere are balanced by removal out of the atmosphere.”

There are different terms, (carbon neutral, net zero, climate neutral, zero energy, etc.) that describe the ways in which emission sources are accounted for and help to indicate what the source is. In the building sector, the term net-zero is mostly used in conjunction with energy or carbon.

women in engineering
According to Engineers Canada, women represent over 50 per cent of Canada’s population but are significantly underrepresented in engineering education and the engineering profession.
In recent decades, the number of women enrolled in post-secondary engineering programs has risen, as has the number of women in the engineering field, which has given more women the opportunities to represent themselves and highlight their ingenuity, dedication, and outstanding contributions.  Every year on June 23rd, individuals and organizations around the world celebrate International Women in Engineering Day, providing another opportunity to shine the spotlight on the achievements of women in engineering, celebrate their successes, and inspire future generations of women.

parking garage restoration
A common misconception in building construction is that concrete lasts forever. However, parking garages – specifically underground parking garages – face many issues during their use that can cause structural damage and affect the life of the concrete. These can include delamination from salt, chemicals, vehicle fluids, general wear and tear, as well as damaged columns and soffits, and other outside factors like erosion and ground shifts that all negatively affect the life of your parking structure, and can lead to large, costly repairs if left untreated.

Commercial business owners and property managers often fear high associated costs with parking garage restoration projects and have the tendency to wait until damages become a serious issue before contacting a professional for repairs. However, a comprehensive and proactive maintenance plan that catches initial damages and issues within the parking structure is key to avoiding compounding problems.