parking garage restoration
A common misconception in building construction is that concrete lasts forever. However, parking garages – specifically underground parking garages – face many issues during their use that can cause structural damage and affect the life of the concrete. These can include delamination from salt, chemicals, vehicle fluids, general wear and tear, as well as damaged columns and soffits, and other outside factors like erosion and ground shifts that all negatively affect the life of your parking structure, and can lead to large, costly repairs if left untreated.

Commercial business owners and property managers often fear high associated costs with parking garage restoration projects and have the tendency to wait until damages become a serious issue before contacting a professional for repairs. However, a comprehensive and proactive maintenance plan that catches initial damages and issues within the parking structure is key to avoiding compounding problems.

mixed-use development: a growing trend
The rise of mixed-use developments offers the opportunity to create sustainable, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting buildings that enhance their surroundings. The neighbourhood and its tenants are provided with a place where people can live, work, and play in the same area.

Mixed-use developments are chosen by communities for a variety of reasons—some see it as a way to incorporate a mix of housing types on a small scale while enhancing traditional town character; others see it as a vehicle for revitalizing struggling areas and catalyst for economic development. As this trend continues, here is a look at what mixed-use developments are and their benefits.

Improving connectivity and sustainability through pedestrian bridge design
Bridges play a critical role in society and in our communities, they are more than just simple crossing points or entranceways. They have the potential to be iconic works of functional art, direct and purposeful expressions of structure, and can connect people, places, and nature to allow our communities to function and thrive. Providing a safe and efficient way for pedestrians to cross over traffic, rivers, or other obstacles is just the beginning. Beautifully designed pedestrian bridges also enrich and enhance their surroundings.