Nanaimo’s real estate market
Nanaimo, British Columbia, is emerging as one of Canada's most opportune real estate regions. In recent years, the scenic "Harbour City" has recorded an upswing in real estate market growth and activity that continues to attract investors, builders, and industry watchers alike.

Those working in the construction industry need to manage the effects that a rising prime interest rate will have on their business. In fact, the entire housing market and Canadian economy at large will see ripple effects from the impacts on the construction industry. 

So, how exactly does the hike in interest rates affect construction? Below, we discuss the effects on various levels within the industry and what you can do to mitigate rising costs.  

Commercial real estate in Saskatoon

Commercial real estate (CRE) is surging in Saskatoon. And with an uptick in developments across the province comes demands for CRE industry partners like RJC Engineers who can contribute to more efficient, sustainable, and cutting-edge builds.