IKEA Coquitlam

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The IKEA Coquitlam location is the sixth largest IKEA store in the world at the time it was built.

Poor soil conditions and the unusually heavy weight of the building (due to the racking being installed on an elevated floor), required RJC to find an elegant and innovative solution for the seismic-load resisting system.

By utilizing state-of-the-art seismic Buckling Resistant Braces, RJC was able to ensure this building’s structural stability and reduce structural costs.

This was the first use of Buckling Resistant Braces in Western Canada and received the 2002 Consulting Engineers of British Columbia Award (CEBC) and the 2002 Canadian Institute of Steel Construction Award (CISC).

Project Specifications

Coquitlam, BC

Building Structure Type
Retail or Shopping Centre / Industrial / Surface Parking

IKEA Properties Limited

Abbarch Architecture

Wales Mclelland Construction

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