Dr. Simon Brown, Principal with Read Jones Christoffersen (RJC), was presented with the Best Paper Award at the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering’s 9th International Conference on Short and Medium Span Bridges(SMSB). Simon’s paper was on Glacier Skywalk, a thrilling and dramatic structure featuring a 30m curved glass walkway extending 35m from the cliff face 280m above Sunwapta Valley. 

The SMSB is held annually in Canada to provide a worldwide forum on short and medium span bridges (i.e. spans less than 150m). Owners, engineers, researchers, architects and contractors from around the world attended the four day conference, which this year was held in Calgary.

Geoff Kallweit, Project Engineer with RJC, also presented his paper ‘Elbow River Traverse: Spanning the Ages’ to the delegation. Geoff’s paper focuses on the aesthetic considerations for this new pedestrian bridge in Calgary’s East Village, adjacent to the historic Fort Calgary. The design amalgamates the old and new aspects of Calgary; retaining the essence of a changing and vibrant city whilst complementing the history of the Fort Calgary area. 

Anthony Ferrise, a Design Engineer with RJC, was also actively involved in the conference as a member of the organizing committee.

RJC’s Mark Bowen, Wanping Zhang, and Amy Rohof also attended the conference.