Stephen Kwan received the 2021 Barrie Sarjeant Award for his presentation “Lockdown: Air Barriers and Thermal Bridging – The evolving practice of enclosure consultants’. His presentation talked about climate change, the energy use of buildings, the nation-wide shift to performance based codes and what this all means for enclosure consultants.

Barrie Sarjeant and Ron Mazza, former RJC Principals, started the Barrie Sarjeant Award competition to highlight excellence in our work, and more importantly, to encourage the dissemination of new and creative ideas. The internal competition includes selected presenters from RJC, presenting on a wide variety of project types and practice areas.

This year's competition was virtual and the theme was “Lockdown”. Selected to present were Katarina Bassan, Leigh Besanger, Stephen Kwan, Chantal Labelle and Christina Saimoto. Presentations covered a wide variety of topics, including quantifying air leakage, integrated project delivery (IPD) in a pandemic, repairing and protecting a 1950s wastewater digester tank and a the design of what will be the world’s largest retractable roof!

Congratulations to all participants for their professional, engaging and informative presentations.