The 2017 Project Awards were presented at the ICRI Fall Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana on Thursday, November 16, 2017. The Project Awards honor and recognize outstanding projects in the concrete repair industry. Entries from around the world are judged on their uniqueness, use of state-of-the-art methods, use of materials, functionality, value engineering, and aesthetics. The judging panel of five — selected by the ICRI Awards Committee — included engineers, contractors and manufacturers from all across North America.

Members of RJC’s Edmonton Building Science and Restoration team, Daryl Prefontaine and Greg Wilson, were on hand to accept the Award of Excellence (Water Systems) for Gold Bar Influent Channel No. 2 Repair and Long –Term Protection.

RJC was successful in restoring and enhancing the channel’s load-carrying capacity, and provided appropriate long-term protection against the corrosive environmental exposure.

“The repair and protection of concrete infrastructure in wastewater environments poses unique challenges to common restoration techniques and protection measures”, says RJC’s Daryl Prefontaine. “Through appropriate pre-assessment and understanding of the exposure conditions, it is possible to successfully adapt established concrete rehabilitation and protection principles to maximize the longevity and resiliency of WWTP concrete infrastructure.”

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