After a tremendous career of nearly 40 years, Bruce Johnson celebrated his retirement with colleagues and industry partners.

Bruce began his career doing field review, and ended as Managing Director of our progressive firm. In all his roles, Bruce helped shape the culture of RJC, drive innovation and develop best practices. His leadership, mentorship and passion for moving RJC forward has been integral to shaping RJC into the firm it is today.

When you are approaching the end of a long career at such a great company, you realize how much you will miss the wonderful people….I have learned so much at RJC, and can’t imagine a better company for a career.

Bruce joined RJC in Vancouver 1981. He spent his first five years providing construction review for various projects, including the landmark Canada Place. This experience provided Bruce with a solid foundation for practical design throughout his career. In 1988, he moved to Victoria, becoming a Principal in 1992 and Managing Principal of RJC’s Victoria office in 1994.

A respected engineer and leader, Bruce led the growth and development of RJC’s Victoria office for two decades. He says “We built a very successful Victoria team by consistently doing good work, being creative, making clients successful, being available, responsive and good people to work with. We are ‘problem solvers’ - not ‘problem creators.’ That recipe for success has never changed.”

In 2016, Bruce was appointed Managing Director of RJC, a role he served in until his retirement. As Managing Director, he instituted RJC’s RADLab (RJC Advanced Design Laboratory), our Intranet, and worked with team leaders nationally to grow RJC.

All of his colleagues will miss Bruce’s commitment to RJC, his calm presence and steady leadership. RJC wishes Bruce all the best in the future.

Thank you to so many of you who made me feel good during my career at RJC. I encourage you to fully embrace the opportunities RJC provides, and genuinely appreciate the people you work with…. I wish you all the best in your careers and lives!