RJC Engineers (RJC), a leading engineering consulting firm, is excited to announce the relocation of its Montreal office to a new, state-of-the-art space. The move is part of RJC's ongoing commitment to providing exceptional services to its clients and supporting its continued growth in Montreal.

The new office, located at 1010 de la Gauchetière O, bureau 2260, boasts a modern and spacious design that reflects RJC Engineers' innovative and forward-thinking approach to engineering. The upgraded facilities include collaborative workspaces, enhanced meeting rooms, and more space, enabling RJC's team to continue to grow and best serve clients.

"We are thrilled to announce the relocation of our Montreal office to a new, purpose-built space that reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation," said Benoit Boulanger, Principal and Regional Manager of RJC in Montreal. "Our new office will provide an enhanced work environment for our team, enabling us to continue delivering high-quality engineering services to our clients across various sectors, including commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional projects."

RJC's expansion to Montreal in 2020 started a long-term investment into the city and province of Quebec. With the Montreal team, RJC can better serve clients' new construction projects and existing buildings through various services, including structural engineering, façade engineering, building energy modelling, structural restoration, and structural glass engineering.

RJC Montreal new office

Montreal is one of the fastest-growing markets in Canada, and RJC's rapid growth there reflects that. The Montreal team has grown significantly in the past three years by focusing on welcoming talented local professionals to the firm. The motivated and passionate people who are part of RJC's Montreal office bring their engineering abilities and an understanding of local building and real estate conditions to serve our clients better. The move into a larger office space will allow the team to continue to grow and further connections in Montreal.

For a decade before establishing the Montreal office, RJC brought their renowned tall building expertise and experience to help developers in the city achieve optimal designs. The Montreal team continues to provide this valuable expertise, in addition to RJC's entire host of services, bringing value to exciting new work across Quebec, from new design to historic preservation. The relocation of the Montreal office to a new, modern space will enable RJC to strengthen its service offerings further and support its mission of delivering innovative engineering solutions.

"We are excited about this move and the opportunities it presents for our team and clients," said Benoit. "Our new office will enhance our ability to serve our existing clients and provide a platform for us to expand our services and partnerships in the Montreal area. We look forward to welcoming our clients to our new office and continuing to provide exceptional engineering solutions."