Jason Guldin received the Rick Banman Mentorship Award on May 7th, an award that recognizes the recipient’s impact on the career development of others through mentorship.

Jason is a highly respected mentor who shares his time and insight with colleagues, peers and clients alike. He leads by example through project work and by making time for anyone who knocks on his door with a question, concern, comment, or advice required. Jason seems to genuinely enjoy the mentoring process, and it’s apparent he takes pride in helping his team succeed with the advice and guidance he provides. His group highly values his approachability, interest in their personal development and how he shares his knowledge. Many are quoted as say he is ‘the best boss I’ve ever had.’

Jason puts a tremendous amount of effort into the Employee Development Program (EDP) process and regular goal check-ins. EDPs are often conducted over multiple sessions. He takes his time to discuss each point in detail, going over strengths, areas for further growth, and planning for the future with each and every team member. He is always exploring and sharing new and innovative ways of delivering results to clients, and makes a point of sharing these innovations with the team. Jason places heavy emphasis on continuing to grow personally and professionally.

Fourteen other people were nominated in recognition of their commitment to mentorship and the impact their guidance has on others. Other nominees were:

2022 Rick Banman Nominees

Congratulations to all the nominees and to Jason!