Dr. Simon Brown, Principal with Read Jones Christoffersen (RJC), was presented with the Best Paper Award at the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering’s 9th International Conference on Short and Medium Span Bridges(SMSB). Simon’s paper was on Glacier Skywalk, a thrilling and dramatic structure featuring a 30m curved glass walkway extending 35m from the cliff face 280m above Sunwapta Valley. 

The CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory, a LEED Platinum industrial building owned by Natural Resources Canada, has been recognized again for its sophisticated design. Awarded a 2014 Green Building Award by the Canadian Green Building Council and Sustainable Architecture & Building Magazine, the laboratory is setting precedents for industrial design in Canada.

RJC Edmonton's revitalization of the First & Jasper parking structure has been published by the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI). The restoration project included the complete deterioration and replacement of the underground parking facility, while maintaining the load of the tower above with an intensive lateral bracing assembly designed by RJC's engineering team.